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name: juliana, juli, jules

aliases: shinigami's angel, shinigami no mitsukai, mitsukai

appearance: 5'3", black hair, brown eyes, skinny enough to be called anorexic

descriptives: perfectionistic, paranoid, insecure, obsessive compulsive, willing to please, emotionally unstable, tactile, driven to succeed

likes: read, design, code, watch movies, organise, spend time with boy

hates: procastination, poor work habits, inconsistant email checking, closedminded behaviour

revelations was created march 2nd, 2003, using paint shop pro 7 and windows notepad. all content in revelations, and further personal sites belong to myself unless otherwise stated, and therefore may not be used without previous consent. the site is run with windows notepad and ftp explorer.

this layout was created on january 3rd, 2006, using psp 9; credits to for the image, from the movie memoirs of a geisha.

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